Modern Clay Art School

Modern Clay Art School is a series of workshops for adults and families run by artists from Modern Clay co-op, taking place each summer and during school holidays.

Ceramic Spoons
Sophie and Sarah led this session on making clay spoons, teaching form building and a variety of decorative techniques using slip and underglaze.

Ceramics and Illustration
Led by Sophie and Sarah this workshop began with learning how to make pots using different building techniques. The pots were then illustrated using sgraffito.

Vessel Building (for families)
During this session Leah and Sophie taught a range of different methods for building with clay including coiling, extruding and slab building, to experiment with different sculptural forms, surfaces and colour applications.

Coloured Clay (for families)
In this workshop Leah and Sophie supported participants in using coloured clays in surface design, experimenting with techniques inspired by nerikomi, agate wear and millefiori.

Mythic Clay – 3D Printing with clay
Laurie led this session incorporating 3D printed ceramics and hand-built elements. Bodies of mythic creatures were sculpted from clay, and a range of heads, hands and feet 3D printed out during the workshop and attached.

Hand Squeezed Objects (for babies and toddlers)
Hand Squeezed Objects is a playful session to capture the imprints of tiny hands in clay with Leah and Joanne. Babies and toddlers were introduced to the joys of making by feeling, squeezing and mixing different coloured clays, making imprints of their hands that can be turned into a range of objects.