Modern Clay, 17 Minerva Works, Fazeley Street, Birmingham, B5 5RS

Modern Clay is situated at Minerva Works, a complex of various art spaces and businesses, a short walk from Birmingham city centre, on Fazeley Street in Digbeth. Unfortunately we do not currently have a working lift. Please contact us in advance if you need help accessing the workshop (located on the first floor).


Studio Update:

At the moment we are changing to a different model of operating as a co-op. More details of this and an updated list of services will be ready soon. For latest information please check our Instagram

Modern Clay is a studio project set up in 2017 and since 2019 has been run by co-operative membership. It is based in Digbeth, Birmingham and is a working studio run by its eight artist members: Leah Carless, Kate Egawa, Mark Essen, Joanne Masding, Sophie Mckinney, Suzi Osborn, Laurie Ramsell and Sarah Taylor Silverwood.

Modern Clay provides a studio research facility for the production of ceramics. The co-operative also has a responsibility to be a benefit to the community and does this though its core values: artists, education and public. The studio is working to explore the reciprocating actions of this relationship, from providing artists access to a ceramic studio to also providing the same access to charitable groups and other relevant educational projects.

The studio is accessible for artists though individual co-op members.

We can also provide clay workshops for groups up to 12 people these are aimed towards local community groups, artist educational projects and charitable groups previously we have worked with Crisis, Restore, the feast and the Ikon Youth Group. Occasionally we also provide public workshops

The studio is a resource for members to produce their own work while developing a new programme of artistic opportunities for West Midlands artists. If offers support for community groups and is part of developing a new programme of artistic opportunities for West Midlands artists.

The studio

12x 120cm square 90cm high workbenches
kick wheel
Wall mounted clay extruder
Plaster mold & glaze making area
Various clay modelling tools
Reference library
Skutt 1227 kiln

A small stock of clay can be brought from the studio. £10 for 12.5 kg bag potclays Oxidising St Thomas Buff Body (school clay) Coarse Raku Consumables are to be brought in by the users. For further information and bookings (or to volunteer in exchange for studio time) please get in touch.