Artist in Residence

Emily Hawes and Laurie Ramsell are currently artists in residence at Modern Clay.

Both Birmingham based artists will be working in the studio researching and developing new works.

Emily will be expanding the role of slipcast ceramics within her work, broadly exploring entanglements between nature, culture and bodies. While on the residency she will be experimenting with the cultivation of local plant-life making responses to the location of Modern Clay through a playful series of ‘Digbeth Ikebana’.

Laurie will be researching methods of clay 3D printing technology and researching into unconventional means of making humans. His work often explores ancient beliefs that humans can be made using recipes and from materials such as marble and clay, through a process known as ‘spontaneous generation’ or material evolution.

Both artists will be working in the studios for the next two months with public presentations in the future.


Laurie Ramsell, novo sapiens, 2015
Laurie Ramsell, Novo Sapiens, 2015










Emily Hawes,Liquid Assets,2016
Emily Hawes,Liquid Assets,2016